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By Madalene Benoist d’Etiveaud, Bash Weddings www/

I thought I would kick-off the new year by starting a series on European city wedding traditions. Adding a little something new to your ceremony or reception could be just the right amount of spice you are looking for in your search to change things up a bit!

This month it’s Stockholm Sweden, a very sophisticated city where foodies feel as if they have died and gone to heaven and is first-rate when it comes to charming tea houses, trendy bars, clubs and hotels. Although Scandinavia is known to be first rate in terms of gender equality and family leave policies they are also known to be in no rush to go to the alter. However, those who do are quite traditional, but in a slightly different way to the US and UK. Below are a few distinctive engagement and wedding practices noted by The Local, a Swedish daily news forum.

Kidnapping the bride and groom to be  This tradition is similar to our bachelor (stag party) and bachelorette party (Hen night) in which the couple is aware of the date and time of their party. However, Swedish couples are taken off guard and “kidnapped” for a day or weekend of events, scavenger hunts, and maybe a wee bit of humiliation, especially for the guys. Fortunately, the spouse of the taken is aware of when this will happen in order to help ensure he/she is where they need to be for the kidnapping.

Walking down the aisle together is newly preferred to the notion of the father of the bride giving his daughter away. According to local Swedish planner, Mariella Gink, “couples do not like the idea of a woman being owned by a man to be given away by another man. This is simply not acceptable.”

Speeches and speeches Swedish weddings tend to drag on a bit due to the amount of speeches. A designated master of ceremonies coordinates who speaks when however, they need to pretty tough otherwise guests could go on all night giving speeches and singing songs to roast the bride and groom. A wedding dinner that lasts three or three and a half hours is short in Sweden. Sometimes if a wedding is badly planned then this can even go on for even five or six hours,” says Gink

You may now (all) kiss the bride  Don’t be alarmed if the bride and groom kiss other people on their wedding day. When the bride leaves the room it’s traditional for all the women to line up to kiss the groom. And when the groom leaves the room to go to the bathroom then all the men get up and kiss the bride.

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