4 Ridiculously Simple Tips on How to Write a Wedding Speech

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Lost for words? For grooms, best men, brides maids and father of the bride it is the thought of their impending speech that keeps them awake at night and one of the reasons they perspire profusely under their smart tuxedos and glorious gowns. They worry so much so that I am often asked by many groomsmen if they could go first so they can “get it over with” which is also code for “so I can have a drink”. Well you need not worry if you consider the following tips.

  1. Engage the audience in a story. Tell it as though you are sitting in a bar amongst your friends and you will appear much more relaxed and the audience will be engaged.  Just keep it clean to avoid embarrassing the happy couple.
  2. Use specific anecdotes. Rather than telling the guests that the bride is like a sister to you, use specific examples of how you are alike. Perhaps read, maybe not every line, of the brides early emails or phone call when she described her first date with the groom. Keep it innocent and please please don’t tell the crowd if she slept with him on the first date.
  3. Less is more. No one wants to sit and listen to you go on and on so keep it under 5 minutes. Leave them wanting more. Just keep it clean to avoid embarrassing the happy couple.
  4. Have fun. Giving a speech about someone you love is like giving them a present that they will adore. It’s a celebration, not a punishment so jot down your most fond memories and pick the one that makes you smile and perhaps giggle, because if it makes you smile it will surely make your audience smile.
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