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Bands and DJ’s will always be a necessity in creating a fun factor at any party along with creative decoration, but what will truly make your guests stop in their tracks in surprise, confusion or fear? Spectacles of water ballerinas to living trees walking around your garden.

MECHANICAL BULLS have been very popular in the growing trend of country rock themed events, especially in Farifield County. It’s cooky, fun and a bit scary. It is so completely unexpected when the most discerning hosts incorporate an element that their guests would never imagine them to enjoy. Well I can tell you from experience, they DO enjoy it and add in a few cocktails or shots of Old Tennessee moonshine, yes they do sell it at Total Wine in Norwalk, and we can’t keep them off it.

UNDERWATER PHOTO BOOTH New from IEG Interactive Entertainment Group. They introduced an underwater photo booth designed for use at pool parties, water parks and other water-based experiences. Guests can see themselves on the underwater live preview monitor, then click the underwater button to snap a branded photo. Photo filters can be applied instantly and photos can be posted live to social media or printed instantly at a kiosk station or using RFID wrist bracelets.

See more at: http://www.interactiveparty.com/catalog/underwater-photo-booth#sthash.6yv3UxD5.dpuf

SILENT DISCO’S the future of entertainment. Prefer to dance to your own tune? A silent disco provides guests with high tech wireless headsets with 2 channels to allow you to choose the type of music you prefer to dance to. No worries about noise ordinances, non-dancing guests can hear each talk and every guest gets to dance to their style of music. Talk about stopping your guests in their tracks. Your guests won’t know what is happening when they enter the room to see people dancing in silence. It’s incredibly fun to watch and more fun to participate in.

See more at: http://silentdis.co/?gclid=CIf156ni2MgCFc-RHwod9nwPLA

AQUALILLIES water ballet entertainment. If you have a pool and want to entertain your guests like never before, water ballerinas have been on the rise. Synchronized swimming dating back from the early 20th century has made a come back and clients are loving it. Gone are the floating lily pads or colored balls floating around your pool. Instead, an evening of poolside entertainment in a glowing pool surrounded by tiki torches is breathtaking.

See more: http://www.aqualillies.com

HUMAN NATURE, live entertainment in gargantuan heights dressed up as trees, vines, potted plants and more. Imagine having a garden party in which your tree begins to dance or your potted vine slowly opens its eyes. Custom living art comes in many forms such as statues, body painted models, famous historical figures, Alice in Wonderland Figures etc. In my experience, the effects of spectacle entertainment is best suited for larger parties of 150+. The larger the crowd the more the easier it is to create a surprise factor as they blend in with the crowd until they come to life! You can be certain to create that wow factor you are looking for.

See more: http://www.smashpartyentertainment.com/living-statues-art/

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