It’s Spring Bridal Fashion Week! What Trends Can We Spot on the Runway for 2017?

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 Reem Acra
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Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week kicks off today in NYC and we can’t wait to see what our 2017 brides will be wearing. This is an exciting time in bridal fashion as so many bridal couture designers are trying their hand at ready to wear and vice versa, the result has been a new wave of very high fashion bridal collections.

Last season the illusion dress trend went from the red carpet (Beyonce’s Givenchy at the Met Gala) to the bridal runways and we can expect to see more of this in the 2017 collections. Reem Acra will be one to watch after her stunning Fall 2016 RTW collection featured illusion gowns in sheer fabrics in sexy, body conscious silhouettes. Let’s hope this theme carries over into her Bridal line.

The plunging V neckline is transitioning from the ready to wear collections to bridal fashion as well. We spotted it on Marchesa’s runway last season and Ines Di Santo’s down-to-there cutouts for her collection.

But this season isn’t all about showing skin, next year’s brides will be covering up in elegant long sleeves and dramatic capes. Naeem Khan, the new master of hand stitched embroidery will undoubtedly bring his unique look to the bridal runway with color and sparkle. Monique Lhuillier will have a more romantic version with floral appliqués on sheer organza and delicate lace.

What a time to be shopping for a wedding dress! Look for our NY Bridal Fashion week recap and some helpful hints for buying your dress.


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By Madalene Benoist d’Etiveaud, Bash Weddings www/

I thought I would kick-off the new year by starting a series on European city wedding traditions. Adding a little something new to your ceremony or reception could be just the right amount of spice you are looking for in your search to change things up a bit!

This month it’s Stockholm Sweden, a very sophisticated city where foodies feel as if they have died and gone to heaven and is first-rate when it comes to charming tea houses, trendy bars, clubs and hotels. Although Scandinavia is known to be first rate in terms of gender equality and family leave policies they are also known to be in no rush to go to the alter. However, those who do are quite traditional, but in a slightly different way to the US and UK. Below are a few distinctive engagement and wedding practices noted by The Local, a Swedish daily news forum.

Kidnapping the bride and groom to be  This tradition is similar to our bachelor (stag party) and bachelorette party (Hen night) in which the couple is aware of the date and time of their party. However, Swedish couples are taken off guard and “kidnapped” for a day or weekend of events, scavenger hunts, and maybe a wee bit of humiliation, especially for the guys. Fortunately, the spouse of the taken is aware of when this will happen in order to help ensure he/she is where they need to be for the kidnapping.

Walking down the aisle together is newly preferred to the notion of the father of the bride giving his daughter away. According to local Swedish planner, Mariella Gink, “couples do not like the idea of a woman being owned by a man to be given away by another man. This is simply not acceptable.”

Speeches and speeches Swedish weddings tend to drag on a bit due to the amount of speeches. A designated master of ceremonies coordinates who speaks when however, they need to pretty tough otherwise guests could go on all night giving speeches and singing songs to roast the bride and groom. A wedding dinner that lasts three or three and a half hours is short in Sweden. Sometimes if a wedding is badly planned then this can even go on for even five or six hours,” says Gink

You may now (all) kiss the bride  Don’t be alarmed if the bride and groom kiss other people on their wedding day. When the bride leaves the room it’s traditional for all the women to line up to kiss the groom. And when the groom leaves the room to go to the bathroom then all the men get up and kiss the bride.


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Bands and DJ’s will always be a necessity in creating a fun factor at any party along with creative decoration, but what will truly make your guests stop in their tracks in surprise, confusion or fear? Spectacles of water ballerinas to living trees walking around your garden.

MECHANICAL BULLS have been very popular in the growing trend of country rock themed events, especially in Farifield County. It’s cooky, fun and a bit scary. It is so completely unexpected when the most discerning hosts incorporate an element that their guests would never imagine them to enjoy. Well I can tell you from experience, they DO enjoy it and add in a few cocktails or shots of Old Tennessee moonshine, yes they do sell it at Total Wine in Norwalk, and we can’t keep them off it.

UNDERWATER PHOTO BOOTH New from IEG Interactive Entertainment Group. They introduced an underwater photo booth designed for use at pool parties, water parks and other water-based experiences. Guests can see themselves on the underwater live preview monitor, then click the underwater button to snap a branded photo. Photo filters can be applied instantly and photos can be posted live to social media or printed instantly at a kiosk station or using RFID wrist bracelets.

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SILENT DISCO’S the future of entertainment. Prefer to dance to your own tune? A silent disco provides guests with high tech wireless headsets with 2 channels to allow you to choose the type of music you prefer to dance to. No worries about noise ordinances, non-dancing guests can hear each talk and every guest gets to dance to their style of music. Talk about stopping your guests in their tracks. Your guests won’t know what is happening when they enter the room to see people dancing in silence. It’s incredibly fun to watch and more fun to participate in.

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AQUALILLIES water ballet entertainment. If you have a pool and want to entertain your guests like never before, water ballerinas have been on the rise. Synchronized swimming dating back from the early 20th century has made a come back and clients are loving it. Gone are the floating lily pads or colored balls floating around your pool. Instead, an evening of poolside entertainment in a glowing pool surrounded by tiki torches is breathtaking.

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HUMAN NATURE, live entertainment in gargantuan heights dressed up as trees, vines, potted plants and more. Imagine having a garden party in which your tree begins to dance or your potted vine slowly opens its eyes. Custom living art comes in many forms such as statues, body painted models, famous historical figures, Alice in Wonderland Figures etc. In my experience, the effects of spectacle entertainment is best suited for larger parties of 150+. The larger the crowd the more the easier it is to create a surprise factor as they blend in with the crowd until they come to life! You can be certain to create that wow factor you are looking for.

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4 Ridiculously Simple Tips on How to Write a Wedding Speech

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Lost for words? For grooms, best men, brides maids and father of the bride it is the thought of their impending speech that keeps them awake at night and one of the reasons they perspire profusely under their smart tuxedos and glorious gowns. They worry so much so that I am often asked by many groomsmen if they could go first so they can “get it over with” which is also code for “so I can have a drink”. Well you need not worry if you consider the following tips.

  1. Engage the audience in a story. Tell it as though you are sitting in a bar amongst your friends and you will appear much more relaxed and the audience will be engaged.  Just keep it clean to avoid embarrassing the happy couple.
  2. Use specific anecdotes. Rather than telling the guests that the bride is like a sister to you, use specific examples of how you are alike. Perhaps read, maybe not every line, of the brides early emails or phone call when she described her first date with the groom. Keep it innocent and please please don’t tell the crowd if she slept with him on the first date.
  3. Less is more. No one wants to sit and listen to you go on and on so keep it under 5 minutes. Leave them wanting more. Just keep it clean to avoid embarrassing the happy couple.
  4. Have fun. Giving a speech about someone you love is like giving them a present that they will adore. It’s a celebration, not a punishment so jot down your most fond memories and pick the one that makes you smile and perhaps giggle, because if it makes you smile it will surely make your audience smile.


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“In order to grow, your organization must change. Organizations that refuse to move become stagnate. They become trapped, treading water through a set of regular routines while getting nowhere.”
  –Jeff Hurt, Events Industry Veteran
To kick-off our popular season, Bash has certainly embraced change! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new planning/design studio in Greenwich as a place to discuss your wedding and/or special occasion in Fairfield or Westchester Counties. Our Darien location is now our official Tasting Room, while the Greenwich office is a cozy site to peruse our portfolio and start the party planning. We’re diving right in this summer — to assist current and new clients throw fabulous, memorable events. Call for a consultation at 203.202.7780 so we can team up and start the discussion.
We look forward with enthusiasm to your summer events and beyond!

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